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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to...

Improve the surroundings of Your home and Your community. To do so Professionally and to your complete satisfaction. Our Mission is to make your experience, so satisfying that you will never hesitate to tell your friends, neighbors, members of your Church, school or workplace that The Lone Star Tree Czar is the kind of company you wish all companies were like.  An honest, reliable, easy to work with type of company, that always gives more than required or expected.. and always delivers on what they promise.  

Our business model..                                                               starts with a solid Foundation of Happy Customers..     and upon that, our Future is built one customer at a time.                   


Safety is ALWAYS First.

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Removing dangerous limbs or dangerous trees must be done professionally and short cuts can never be taken.
There are too many yahoos with a chain saw out there that frankly don\'t have a clue. Whether you place your trust in us or someone else, Remember the basics:

Insurance in this business is expensive but it must be maintained and current.  You should not have to ask for proof of insurance.. it should be offered.


Never pay in advance of the full job being completed..

or the clean up.

Make sure all debris is removed and your yard and home are left clean and to your complete satisfaction. Was sawdust left on your roof, or even your neighbors roof? Were holes left in your yard? Sometimes a heavy piece of wood will leave a divot. That divot should have been filled with quality top soil and layered, shaped and fitted with Sod. Look for these things and don\'t expect any less.

Ask for references and follow up by checking them out.

When it comes to work involving trees.. things can sometimes go wrong. Take the extra effort to make sure you have made the right choice by choosing the right company and the right crew... all of which should demonstrate to you a positive professional approach.
The visual balance and beauty of your trees can translate into the pleasant settings that make your home comfortable and beautiful. That beauty lends significant value to your home. Entrusting us with these responsibilities will never be taken for granted.  
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We will beat or match ALL written estimates on any job.. 

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Now you ONLY have every reason under the sun, 

to use only the best..


No matter how long and treacherous your journey may seem.. No matter what situations 
       life may throw at you... 
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Never give up..
Always look for..
a light at the end of the tunnel..