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Our Focus is to keep your trees alive and healthy!!

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The Lone Star Tree Czar is a Veteran Owned- Home Advisor Professional (formerly known as 'Service Magic') 


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We have to respectfully disagree with those within the Tree Service industry and their so called "New Thinking'' on whether or not to Seal a pruned limb.  Even a local radio talk show host with degrees out the ying yang on Trees and Gardening.. has succumbed to this utter nonsense.. All of them should know better. This is not rocket science nor should it be hard to understand that Water always wins the battle over Wood. The "New Thinking'' proclaims that it is not natural (to seal a pruned cut or seal the point from where a limb has broken off), which is about as ridiculous as thinking it is not natural to use deodorant..  both ideas lead to smelly outcomes.
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Here are the Facts:  The only way a tree can process water is through it's root system. If a limb is pruned or breaks off, the point where it breaks and/or is cut then begins to absorb moisture and rainwater and it does so, like a sponge.  Once inside the limb or trunk, water cannot escape or evaporate.  Whenever water is combined with wood, water always wins. Just look at any fence or deck after a few years exposure to the elements.. mostly the element of rain and moisture begin a rotting process because of the trapped water inside the wood. Click Here To Read More...

Have you had tree limbs fall recently?   

Even though we have had some recent rain, we are still in drought conditions. Dry or hollowed out limbs may not be visible from the ground. Many limbs have been left dry and brittle in spite of lots of rain this year. If you have large limbs over a structure, your house, vehicle parking areas or play areas..  it's a good idea to have them inspected just to be on the safe side.. especially if you have a tree that has lost more than one limb.. because that may indicate a Trend which should not be ignored.
Remember certain weak points on large limbs are not always easy to recognize.Give us a call & let our professionals check your trees today!  In particular, consider your historic and sentimental trees.. as well as any tree that may potentially pose a threat to property or persons. These trees should be checked and surveyed in order to deal with them.. before they become stresed or break.
This inspection is reasonably priced.. typically less than      $150 for one tree.. less for more than one tree. 

We can help keep your trees alive and healthy better than anyone in the country!

Helping your trees thrive during good times or stressful times is our mission. Give us a call for a free estimate if you discover any damage or if you suspect possible damage.. There really is nothing better than the peace of mind you get, knowing that the best in the business.. has your back.

Don't wait, until it's too late!  Call us today (281) 900 1078!

We also plant new trees and transplant existing trees!!

Hurricane Updates and Tracking

We specialize in damaged trees or broken limbs in extreme or difficult situations. We are the company that the government calls upon, when all the other contractors fail or can't handle extreme missions.. and/or when failure is not an option.
Our long history of providing professional tree Service has given us the right to claim we are the best in our field.. Properly removing any threats, whether it be from a broken limb left hanging over your house, power lines (to your house), or an entire tree with a suspicious angle. We know how to deal with it all. Each situation is unique. But our experience in these matters.. is what matters.. and it's a history that is unmatched. Removing dangerous limbs and/or trees from your property, not only removes an immediate threat to your family and home.. but it often enhances it's visual appeal.. and of course that translates into a higher market value of your home as well.
When you trust someone to correct a dangerous situation or to do work that directly affects the value of your house. Please be assured that every single action we take will always be done as if it were our own home.
It's a trust we take very seriously.
For that Trust, we thank you!
You absolutely Will discover that your choice.. was the right choice.

For the record, we can and do contract very large jobs from time to time.. but the private Homeowner will always be King with The Lone Star Tree Czar.. That will never change.
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