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... and it does so, like a sponge.  Once inside the limb or trunk, water CANNOT ESCAPE or EVAPORATE.  Whenever Water is combined with Wood.. Water Always Wins. Just look at any fence or deck after a few years exposure to the elements.. mostly the element of rain and moisture begin a rotting process because of the trapped water inside the wood.  Remember a fence or a deck are pressure treated.. A tree is not. The result is always the same.. the wood ROTS. Often a cavity will form. Look around at any hardwood tree and see for yourself all the holes.  If a cavity develops on a limb, it WILL BECOME STRUCTURALLY UNSOUND AND MOST LIKELY THE PRECISE POINT where (if that limb is going to break..) that's where the breaking point will be.  Inside the trunk or limb, water works it's way downward over time and can hollow it out and even cause the trunk to split down the middle. We've seen it countless times. It's really not even an argument. The very idea that professionals in this industry have decided to ''go with the flow'' take the easy way out.. take the lazy way out.. join in the herd mentality.. is nothing more than excusing themselves so as to justify taking a short cut that will in the long run kill your trees.. make them hazardous to you, your home and your family.. and make more money for the guys you have to call to remove them.. when they have actually been part of the problem that destroyed your trees in the first place. 
So in order to extend the life of a tree and maximize the structural soundness of individual limbs, proper sealing must be done.  (especially with large cuts from large limbs and/or preexisting cuts and/or any other significant points of entry for Internal Water.   
If EXTENDING THE LIFE OF THE TREE is important, then so is this long established process.. Modern Thinking does not always equate to Wisdom.. We don't care how many industry big wigs pretend that it does.  
It doesn't and It's just plain stupid.
For the record, a Pine tree does not have the problem of internal water. It seals itself with it's thick Pine Sap. We do not need to Seal Pines.. They do it themselves. Now Trees have Wood for Brains but if the Pine Tree understands how important it is to seal a cut or break.. you'd think the other tree guys would pick up on it before long. The Truth is there are lots of tree guys.. but there is only ONE Tree Czar.
I understand some of my customers may wish for us to not Seal. Ok. Fine. You are my boss.. If you wish to ignore this advice and do not wish your trees protected in this manner, we will honor your request. We will Prune and Trim without sealing. But for those that understand and agree with our reasoning, we welcome you. If you have dealt with tree companies that are blinded by this faulty logic and false SCIENCE I urge you to reconsider ever calling them back. Maybe your previous Tree Guy was merely unaware of the predictable outcome between water and wood. That's a Red Flag that you might want to take note of. I cannot relate to any Tree company that has callously or willingly not noticed the obvious results of ignoring the obvious and predictable visible outcomes of internal water on a hard wood tree. If you are interested in a Tree service that focuses on taking measures that extend the life of your trees.. Please consider The Lone Star Tree Czar. We Welcome You. The sad truth is that most Tree guys are primarily interested in only cutting down trees. We do that also and we do it well.. but First our mission is to keep your trees alive and well and this is but one of our methods of doing so. Some tree guys will even argue with you if you request ''Sealing'' and claim that "The Industry Standard has changed" I strongly suggest you laugh out loud if you hear that.. then call the one and only Lone Star Tree Czar.. Keeping your trees healthy and Safe.. Is not a laughing matter and it's not a job for some tree guy that works under an illusion that ignoring the laws of physics is somehow OK.. because it's clearly Not.

Why Choose The Lone Star Tree Czar?

It's Easy - We are the alternative to...

  • High Priced Big Corporate Tree Guys, (BCTG's) and the fly by night crowd.
  • We have reasonable prices
  • We have the personal touch & treat your home as it if was our own
  • We have a professional attitiude
  • Much more...!


We truly want to improve Your Trees First and Foremost and 
when necessary, remove the threats of dangerous limbs or dangerous trees.  
Give us a call.. (281) 900 1078  and you'll be happy you did!

Mother Nature, always making a point of reminding us of how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of the universe.. yet within those reminders we are always able to discover... as children of God.. that we are strong enough to meet and overcome the overwhelming power of nature.  
First Ike..
then a drought.  
Further stressing us and our beautiful trees and setting the stage for yet one more battle.. the beetle battle..
The Southern Pine Bark Beetle..
has a bad habit of wreaking havoc on entire stands of timber and unfortunately throughout our Houston neighborhoods. We are proud to offer to Houston.. To You..  an alternative to both the overpriced big corporations, the BCTG's, that have long dominated the tree service business. and an alternative to the smaller uninsured fly-by-night crowd..
In the beetle battles, we exclusively provide Houston with a low cost effective lifetime protection against the Pine Bark Beetle.. It's just one element of our successful business model which focuses on Saving your trees.. rather than what the big guys seem to focus on.. cutting and hauling.. as many as possible. The proof of that is the extremely high cost you would pay the BCTG's.. for the same protection that we provide for only $11 a tree or less. 
You won't find a better price.. The high cost offered by the BCTG's, in essence boxes you in.. leaving your trees unprotected because, well it simply cost too much.. their prices are out of reach.. for your budget and leaving your trees unprotected..
We guarantee Nobody can protect your Pines from the Pine Bark Beetle.. at a lower cost.. not the BCTG's. or the fly by night dudes..
We will not be under priced.. $11 a tree or less..
and that's for a lifetime protection. 
This protection comes with a money back Guarantee!! 
         (Guarantee applies to Healthy trees at the time of treatment)
Saving your healthy trees and making your sick trees.. whole.  Treating your trees as if they belonged to us.. Is our commitment to you. But if or when it comes to a point where we must remove a dead tree or a dangerous limb.. you can rest assured that it will be done right..    
Safe, Affordable, Reliable and Professionally.
Our long history of providing professional tree Services, has given us the right to claim we are the best in our field..
Whether it's a single broken limb hanging over your house.. or an entire tree with a suspicious angle.. to protecting your healthy Pines from the Pine Bark Beetle.. we know how to deal with it all.
Our experience in these matters.. is unmatched.  
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This is A Veteran Owned Company

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"Insurance Certificate Provided Prior to Starting All Projects."

"No Payments Are Ever Required Prior to Full Completion of Jobs."

"Site Clean Up and Removal of Debris Are Always Done to Your Complete Satisfation."


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Myers Marine Construction Gulf Coast, L.L.C.

(some background..)

In 1964, Major Milo E. Myers married my beautiful mother,  Mary Ellen Moak, the widow of a distinguished U.S Air Force Hero, B-17 pilot, B-52 pilot and our great dad, Major John C. Moak.. The wedding took place at Lackland AFB in San Antonio Texas.. Mary E. Moak became Mrs. Mary E. Myers and now could face the future with a bit more security for her 5 young sons as Milo assumed the Unselfish position of Dad.. to her 5 young boys.  
Mary Ellen Myers
About The Lone Star Tree Czar - Tree Service Company in Spring, TX - mom__s_portrait_2b
Following his retirement from the US Air Force as a Super Sonic B-58 Hustler pilot, Milo E Myers started Myers Marine Construction in 1972. Focusing on building docks, sea walls, bulkheads and bridges in Myrtle Beach, S.C. which by default  became a tree oriented business.
It grew and grew. Anyone visiting or living in Myrtle Beach, S.C. knows it is the land of Golf Courses.. and beautiful trees. We discovered that pretty much any project we began.. from building a bridge from the Green at hole # 17 to the start of hole # 18.. Trees often had to be protected or removed. Throw in a Hurricane or two, (Yugo) and we, as a family came to know and understand the nature of what it takes to manage, trim, repair, treat.. and often remove trees and/or dangerous limbs.  The Tree business became second nature to Milo's sons.. and it's been pretty much a family business ever since.  
From San Antonio to Myrtle Beach, to Mississippi and Louisiana..
We've completed the full circle back to Texas..
where It looks and feels like home..
Hello Houston!!  What a great place!! We are roaming no longer..
We are home again.  Hello Texas!! We are back where it began..
and we are delighted to be back in the Lone Star State.
Expanding back into Texas we still go by the handle of.. 
Myers Marine Construction, Gulf Coast, LLC..  
And NO, we haven't changed our name.. we simply have two handles you can call us by.. including THE LONE STAR TREE CZAR.. A lil secret: Since Myers Marine Construction Gulf Coast, LLC was our name and that will never change.. when we decided to get modern with our own web presence.. we thought it would be simply a good idea to have the word "Tree" appear somewhere in our title..  duh. And of course it wouldn't hurt to continue with some clever wording which would remind us and our customers of our Texas roots..
thus was born..
So working under both names.. we've worked tirelessly to improve many areas of Texas, especially whenever and wherever Mother Nature has sent us reminders of her fury.. We have tested our metal on Large storms like Hurricane Ike, Katrina and Rita.  On our links page you can find a few videos our crews hard at work.. where on one job alone, we removed around 4,000 trees deposited in or around Panthers Branch, Bear Branch, and The Kuykendahl Spillway.. around 9 miles of waterway that weaved itself throughout The Woodlands. That job lasted 4 months last summer.. 2009.. removing and cleaning up the mess and the trees Ike had deposited in or near those waterways.  By removing the literal "Log Jams" in those 9 miles.. we reduced the risk of flooding as well as the large numbers of short snakes.. hiding in tall grass.. not to mention removing the source of one large mosquito population that had taken unfair advantage of those log jammed waterways.
The Woodlands contract with the USDA/NRCS was one of 16 contracts that Myers Marine Construction, Gulf Coast has performed over the years and in this case, was our first joint partnership with The San Jacinto River Authority. Of course they were deeeeelighted with our work as were the residents of The Woodlands whose property bordered Panthers Branch, Bear Branch and the waterway that originated from the Kuykendahl Road Spillway.
Removing those 4,000 dead and broken trees was a major challenge.. that we accepted and after 4 months.. proved that there is no job too big.. or too small for this Tree Czar.. it was just one more job for us.. and as is always the case, we demonstrated our professional approach and our commitment to deliver for our customers exactly what they need.. and expect.. at a cost that more often than not.. is the lowest available price in a very competitive market. 
Your consideration to allow for our hard working crews.. to deliver for you a professional service.. safely.. is always appreciated!
And We thank you for that consideration.
We are committed to making sure that when you choose
The Lone Star Tree Czar..
It's a choice you will always be happy you made.
Professionalism  Safety  Low Pricing  Customer Satisfaction!
Call today  (281) 900 1078


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Pruned or Cut Limbs, is Lazy, Cuts Corners and is Killing your Trees.